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About Us

Sinar Mitra Solutions PT's presence in Audio Visual and Multimedia Telecomunications Bussiness was established in 2009. Even as a new comer, S.M.S is capable to achieve success after success in handling market's increasing demand. Now, S.M.S existence in the business world has gained its position by hard work and reliable human resources. Sinar Mitra Solutions , PT subdivides into three major divisions: Marketing Division, Service & system intergration, and Rental Division.

The Marketing Division focuses on Sales of audio visual equipment, multimedia telecomunications, and Integration System. S.M.S embraces strategic partnerships with clients in advancing system/equipment to meet each client’s needs, which S.M.S integrates in all support components to reach harmonious results.

Service & Software Division works as the service center for all brands. Skills and experiences offered by Service Division includes services for equipments such as LED Display, Splice LCD Wall, Control System, Plasma, LCD, Projector, VCR, Speaker, Video Conference System, Video/Data Monitor, and many more. While Software Division takes part in helping clients' needs to improve or upgrade their equipment capabilities using softwares.

Rental Division is known as “MULTI RENTAL”, which provides rent for various audio visual equipments such as Plasma, Projector, Audio System, Presentation Tools, Integration System and many more. Multi Rental has been involved in numerous events including Conferences, Exhibitions, Concerts, etc. With a great extent of equipments, starting from Low End to High End equipments, Multi Rental is always confident in fulfilling every client’s needs.

We are hoping to give the best products and services to our clients.

For convenience, clients could contact our call center at 021-5321533 or 021-40160099.

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