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arrow product Audio and Video Matrix 0808

Audio and Video Matrix 0808
1) Choose 8//16/32/64 audio/video signal inputs, 2/4/8/
2) This product adopts a highly reliable intellectual audio/video..
3) With the electricity breaking site switching.. detail

arrow product Central Control System 9000

Central Control System 9000
1) Built-in serial port
2) Built-in infrared port
3) Built-in WLAN port and network card slot detail

arrow product Central Control System v-pro

Central Control System v-pro

1) High speed dual buses structure;
2) Support various controlling methods such as...
3) 8 RS232/RS485 communication ports (with parity check),...
4) The 8 way independent programmable infrared...
5) 8 way weak relay port control..
6) The built-in network module slot is easy to connect...


arrow product Power Control 200

Power Control 200
1) Central controller power supply control expander
2) One Way RS 232 control
3) One way electrically operated screen power supply control;
4) 3 way timing power supply control;
5) One way 12V DC power supply output detail