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product arrow 55EF5C

Price Rp 135.200.000 BUY

Key Features

  • Brightness: 400 cd/m2 (APL* 25%) * APL: Average Picture Level
  • Bezel: 7.2 mm (U/B/R/L, Off-bezel)
  • Available in 2,000R for landscape, 1,500R for portrait (Concave & Convex)
  • HDMI, DP, RJ45, IR, RS232C, USB, Audio out, Internal memory (64 GB), SuperSign OLED/C
  • Artistic Display that Becomes a Landmark

    Its curved display means that its space effi ciency is outstanding, and it can be positioned in a variety of ways because it is extendable and curved, so by simply installing, it can gather much attention.

  • Space-fitting Design Option

    Extendable and curved